A 12 week intro level follow-along movement course that teaches hypermobile humans to feel more stable, move with control, and self-manage symptoms  


Next cohort starting Oct 2024!


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 This Course Is For You If....


You want to feel in control and have better awareness of your hypermobile body but don't know where to start 


You found other "beginner" fitness programs to not be beginner at all and leave you with more pain and fatigue 


You like flow based movement like Pilates and Yoga, but want a intro classes designed for hypermobility

What you'll learn 

  • How to move with control and optimal neuromuscular support
  • How to use gentle movements to regulate pain
  • Pain management and nervous system regulating strategies using movement, breath, and tools such as modalities, braces, garments,
  • My favorite products for fitness, pain relief and more
  • Essential movements to activate stabilizing muscles throughout the body (emphasis on spine, shoulders, hips and feet)
  • Anatomy and Kinesiology to understand WHY certain movements and exercises are beneficial.
  • How to improve your body awareness and proprioception to know where the heck your body is in space
  • Specific motor control drills to feel more stable during everyday movements¬†
  • Common compensations and how to avoid them¬†
  • How to reduce the frequency and severity of pain flares¬†
  • How to avoid fatigue crashes from exercise
  • How to feel the "right" muscles that you're intending to work with loads of expert cues and guidance

*Next cohort starting June 10, 2024


Ground Control was designed to make it as EASY as possible to stay on track and actually see results. 

Here's how: 

  • 50+ Gentle full body stability and motor control videos¬†
  • 4 live group coaching calls so you can get the clarity you need and questions answered¬†
  • Follow along workouts starting at <10 min at a low intensity so you can move with confidence with expert cues guiding you with each movement
  • Step- by- step guidance to build a daily motor control practice for less than 5-10 min/day
  • Private Facebook group for direct access to me and other amazing hypermobile humans
  • Educational lessons on anatomy, pain management, motor control, and much more to help you understand what exactly is happening in your body and why.¬† ¬†¬†
  • Detailed roadmap of recommended workout video order so you know exactly where to start and how to progress over time¬†
  • Option to start with just a few minutes each day
  • Specific movement goals to measure your progress¬†
  • Gentle beginner yoga classes designed for¬† hypermobility to help you immediately feel less tension
  • Learn the science of WHY this type of movement practice works, and HOW to apply these principles to your own unique situation¬†
  • Video library of individual exercises (1-2 min long)¬† and pain relief movement strategies you can always quckly refer back to¬†
  • Lifetime access including updates!