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Hypermobile Fitness Online Course

Feel strong, stable, and in control of your body. 

 The 1st payment will be processed immediately upon checkout. The 2nd and 3rd  payment will be billed one and two months following the date of purchase. 

 What you'll learn

- a framework to guide movement practice so you feel confident with movement for LIFE

- how to modify for a hypermobile body to move pain free 

- how to use movement and other self management strategies to reduce pain 

 - how to safely build strength and stability in your entire body without pain or injury 

What's included

- 50+ Video tutorials on the correct technique for foundational exercises

- Weekly live Q & A 

- Access to Dr. Melissa for 1:1 feedback on your technique 

- ChimeraFit exercise video classes combining strength Pilates, Yoga, and balance. 

- Downloadable guides on anatomy, biomechanics, and exercise prescription 

- Tips and tricks for symptom management 

- Lifetime Access! 


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What People Are Saying:

This course was honestly so invaluable to me that I feel guilty it didn't cost more 😂 I wish I could retroactively give Melissa all the money I've wasted over the years on treatments and programs that were absolutely wrong for my body, as this is really, truly what I needed all along. I came out of this course understanding so much more about my bendy body's eccentricities, and I feel so much more empowered to make up my own routines and programs. I was worried that I might not benefit a lot from the content because I had already just finished half a year of physical therapy to address joint stability, but there's absolutely something here for everyone, in every stage of their hypermobility journey. I wish it had been around years ago. Thanks, Melissa, and thanks to the hypermobile friends I made along the way!


This program works!! I’m in the midst of getting a divorce so moved on Monday. I was able to walk more than I have in years and carry more. My body feels better and stronger. And while I remain aware of my hypermobile tendencies, I trust my body more. Thank you Melissa Koehl for all you do. I can’t wait to work more with you and more on myself; I even have a little home gym at my new place!


I love the way you have broken out the muscle groups into digestible, understandable sections. Also, all the modifications are super helpful. Lots of options to progress to as I get stronger. This has been a very timely and instructive course for me. It’s clear how much of yourself you have put into pulling this all together. I feel so fortunate to have discovered this class and to have had the opportunity to learn from you.