ChimeraFit  Hypermobile Fitness Course 


Learn the best elements of strength training, Pilates, Yoga and balance specific for the management of hypermobilty.


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Taught by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pilates instructor,  and fellow hypermobile bendy human. 

Have you ever felt confused about how to exercise safely for your hypermobile body? 


I know I have!   

Hypermobile folks often hear "you should exercise."

But what does that mean exactly?

  • Should I take Pilates?
  • Is Yoga bad for me? 
  • How do I lift weights?  
  • How do I avoid overdoing it and feeling worse? 
  • Will someone please tell me what  I CAN do!?!

I get it, the options can be overwhelming! 

That's why I've created this course to bridge the gap between Physical Therapy and fitness.

This course is for you if you

  • Have been discharged from Physical Therapy,  but are unsure of the best way to safely get a full body workout
  • Looking to get back into an exercise routine that's safe for hypermobility
  • Are unhappy with your current exercise routine and want to learn more 
  • Want to nerd out with me about anatomy, biomechanics, pain science, and exercise prescription 

Course Content  

  • 8-week online course
  • 50+ instructional and workout videos 
  • LIFETIME access 
  • Deep dive into the CORRECT technique for strength training, Pilates, Yoga, and balance exercises. 
  • Learn to build your own completely PERSONALIZED fitness routine that you can do when and how YOU want.  No cookie cutter  "protocols", or video programs that don't suit you or your schedule. 
  • Learn modifications to adjust for your fitness level or areas of concern 
  • Direct personalized feedback from the instructor 
  • Tips and tricks for symptom management
  • Monthly live Q and A 
  • Facebook community support to keep you motivated and share tips and ideas!
  • Downloadable PDF's on anatomy, exercise physiology, exercise prescription, modifications and more!  


Plus Bonuses!

  • BONUS 1: One month free ChimeraFit group class membership
  • BONUS 2: 50% OFF a  personal training session

Here's what you get 

(over $2200 value) 

Video tutorials

Learn on the correct way to perform over 50+ of the most effective exercises for hypermobility, and direct instructor feedback.  Typically taught over at least 10 one to one private sessions  ($1650 value)  

Monthly live exercise classes ($144 value)

Put the lessons  together in a comprehensive workout combining strength, Pilates, Yoga and balance. These monthly classes will be ongoing indefinitely and you'll always have a free invitation to join! 

Monthly small group Q & A   ($144 value)

Get all of your questions answered on how to modify movements for your body 

2 PDF Fitness Guides  ($60 value)  

Quickly reference the modifications for each movement and which individual exercises or stabilization exercises support the fundamental fitness movements.  Never wonder, "what should I do when I can't do XYZ"? 

Community support from a private facebook group  ($100 value)

Learn from a group of like minded bendy bodies that are passionate about understanding movement on a deep level to feel their best 


BONUS #1:  1 month free ChimeraFit group class membership   ($58 value)

BONUS #2: 50% off a  personal training session  ($82.50 value)


Your price = Only  $297!! 


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""Dr. Melissa is an incredible teacher who will help you no matter where you’re starting from. Being hypermobile and learning from someone who is hypermobile has been so critical to helping improve balance, proprioception, and strength. 

I am moving so much better—like tin man after oil better. It’s significant and undeniable.  

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Melissa and the benefits these classes have had on overall health. 

Every hypermobile person needs these classes in their lives yesterday" 

- Sarah 

Hi There! I'm Dr. Melissa 


I'm a Physical Therapist, Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, and Pilates instructor.   I also have hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). Like many of you, I've struggled to find the right exercise for my body.  

I've used my 21 years of experience as a PT,  combined with the best elements of  Pilates, Yoga, Strength, and balance training, to develop a method that keeps hypermobile bodies happy.  I've succesfully shared this method with 1000's of patients and clients in the clinic, and I'm so excited to share this method with you so you online!

Exercise is something that is simple, but can feel so complicated when you're hypermobile.  In this course, I make it easy for you, and  share with you how you how you can feel stable, strong and in control of your body!



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