Hi!  I'm Dr. Melissa

Like many of you, I have a  bendy body, with a diagnosis of  hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS). When I was younger, I was a nationally competitive level 10 gymnast, and being flexible was a huge bonus.  Unfortunately, it also caused a lot of injuries.  After a career ending stress fracture to my lower back, I started to develop pain in various parts of my body as well. So I searched for exercises that would help me feel as strong and stable as I did as a gymnast. 

I graduated from Physical Therapy school in 2001, and soon after I was certified in Pilates.  I also studied Yoga, strength and conditioning.  All of these were wonderful, but none on their own were enough to keep my bendy body free from pain.  However, after much study and practice, I found that a very specific combination of all of these types of exercises was what I needed to feel good.  

I created my ChimeraFit method combining the best elements of Pilates, Yoga, strength and balance work.  I've have been teaching it to others with hypermobility, arthritis and other types of  joint pain for over 20 years.  I'm so thrilled to be able to share this method with you!  Exercise and movement can feel challenging and downright scary when you have hypermobility and other types of joint pain.  I'm passionate about helping others learn the art and science of safe effective movement in order to get control over your body and your life! ‚Äč



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