The perfect blend of Pilates, Yoga, Strength and Balance. 

Designed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Pilates instructor with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (hEDS)

Ideal for management of  hypermobility, arthritis, and chronic pain. 

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ChimeraFit Monthly Membership

  • Does your schedule make it challenging to do an exercise class at the same time each week? 
  • Do you like having a variety of class lengths and difficulty levels to choose from?
  • Do you want to learn the RIGHT way to do specific exercises for parts of your body? 

Then the ChimeraFit Membership is for you! 


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ChimeraFit Group Classes

Hypermobility - 60 min 

Beginner level class with extra attention to joint stability and  proprioception for those with hypermobility syndromes like hEDS and HSD

Equipment needed:  long and loop exercise band, 9" Pilates ball, light hand weights

Optional -  balance pad (or pillow), yoga block 

Level 1 - 30 min

Beginner level class for a gentle mid-day workout to activate and mobilize the whole body.  

Equipment needed: theraband, 

Optional - 9" Pilates ball 

Level 2 - 60 min 

Intermediate level class with addition of free weights, faster transitions, more complex functional movements.

Equipment needed:  theraband, free weights or kettle bell, 9" Pilates ball. 

Optional - yoga block

ChimeraFit Class Schedule


Hypermobilitiy: Mon 5:00-6:00 pm CST 

Level 1: Mon and Friday 12:00-12:30 pm CST 

Level 2: Thurs 5:00-6:00pm CST 

*all classes live via Zoom

*video replay link sent to all participants after class 

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 "I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Melissa and the benefits these classes have had on my overall health. Every hypermobile person needs these classes in their lives yesterday."

ChimeraFit Monthly Membership 


  • Unlimited live Zoom classes - all levels! 
  • Receive an email link to all classes.  No need to sign up in advance! 
  • Video library of classes - all levels!
  • Video library of Dr. Melissa's favorite individual exercises for specific areas
  • Cancel or restart anytime 
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ChimeraFit Classes 

30 min (Level 1):  $10 

60 min (Level 2 and Hypermobility) : $18 

Class Package -  10 Level 1 classes:  $90

  • All classes on Zoom
  • All classes include a free video replay 
  • 1st class is FREE for all new clients! Use coupon code "NEWCLIENT" at checkout 

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Chimera Fit Private Sessions


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All bodies are unique


Learn the ChimeraFit method including the fundamentals of Pilates, Yoga, strength, and balance training, tailored specifically to your needs.  Perfect for anyone new to fitness, recovering from an injury, or looking to get the most out of your exercise routine.


Private Session Packages include:  

  • Lifetime access to videos of your private sessions.

  • Measurements of strength, balance, and  flexibility to monitor progress

  • App to view videos of exercises for each day,  monitor your progress

  • Chat with Dr. Melissa via app between sessions to clarify or ask questions 

  • One free month of ChimeraFit membership 

  • Personalized home exercise/self care tool kit 

  • Free 15 min phone or video check-ins


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