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"Melissa is an incredible Physical Therapist!  She is so thoughtful and goes above and beyond to make sure her patients get the best possible treatment.  When I first started doing PT, I could hardly walk due to back pain and sciatica. I had surgery in 2019 for a herniated disc and was reluctant to go under the knife again.  Melissa has helped so much - she created a custom routine and treatment based on my body and history.  She has so much experience and just understands how everything is connected.  Even outside of our appointments, she checks in often to make sure I am doing okay and staying on track. I am so much stronger and my pain is almost completely gone after a few months.  I can walk, dance, and move about without needing any medication which is a massive improvement. I highly recommend working wtih Melissa and Chimera Health!"

- Kirsten M


"I am delighted to recommend Dr. Melissa.  Living, as I do, with Ehlers Danlos, a syndrome that is characterized by spontaneous joint subluxations, dislocations, and systemic tissue fragility, can be a harsh and frustrating journey.  It is not easy to dwell within a body that is chronically ‘injured’, and to so frequently be in pain.   Dr. Melissa has helped me in numerous ways.  By means of combining the unique and extensive blend of her professional knowledge, skill, and creativity, along with her ability to think ‘outside’ as well as ‘inside’ the box.She has brought strength and power to my abdominal core and balance and stability to my erratic joints. She has relieved my persistent headaches and the acute pain in my shoulders.  I now feel safer and well equipped to navigate the external world.  In short, Dr Melissa has giftedly assisted in my quest to better align the challenges of my physical body with the vibrancy of my spirit, thus enabling me to experience the ongoing ebb and flow in living with Ehlers Danlos more gently." 

- Gail W

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"HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  - I’ve been through the ringer with physical therapy over the years, and was more than disenchanted with my prior non-customized, assembly-line-like experiences. When I recently sprained my ankle, tearing a ligament, I was scared and needed to do the right thing…I’m a dance instructor! I have chronic inflammation and hypermobility issues that were poorly acknowledged or understood in the past, so armed with those experiences, I sought the right PT for me. Serendipity connected me with Melissa!  She was absolutely the right choice. During COVID, I’d been very concerned about going out to a public facility and I learned we could do PT remotely! She even came to me for my evaluation! Perfect. That aspect alone was a load off.  THEN, I realized how expertly tailored my care was, and one-on-one! The complete opposite of my prior experiences, and I was relieved to be in such great hands. Melissa has a naturally motivating and positive personality, and I actually really look forward to sessions.  She also always answers my numerous questions, beautifully, and in a way that I can understand.  She gets me! She gets all my “weird” stuff, and makes sure we do things that are perfectly appropriate for my fluid situations.  I am elated to report, I was able to get back to teaching ballet!! Thank you, Dr. Melissa!!!  If you need an experienced and overall phenomenal PT (and not to mention a very cool person), to help you...she's IT. I give her the highest recommendation possible.  For anyone, but especially for those with hypermobility and related issues. Oh, and I didn’t even mention her adorable cat manager who makes appearances to check up on our progress. Thank you so much Dr. Melissa! (And my dance students say thank you as well!)" 

- Linda G 

"Dr. Melissa is an incredible teacher who will help you no matter where you’re starting from. Being hypermobile and learning from someone who is hypermobile has been so critical to helping improve balance, proprioception, and strength. Since starting classes, I have fallen less and feel like I have better control over my body. The workouts are full body and you really feel accomplished and rejuvenated after completing a class. There is so much care given to avoid hyperextending joints and to remind us to do things like unlock our knees and soften our elbows. Dr. Melissa also includes tips to how different movements relate to everyday activities. This is beyond helpful in daily life and has led to less injuries from hyperextension and careless movement. This attention to detail is not something I’ve ever seen in any other fitness class or physical therapy session. These classes are personalized with results that were visibly noticeable after only the first few classes. Now months in, I’m feeling stronger than ever and have noticeably better posture and balance. I am moving so much better—like tin man after oil better. It’s significant and undeniable. Plus, Dr. Melissa truly cares about our health. She asks if anyone has trouble areas before class starts and makes adjustments accordingly. I find this part so important for a condition where new injuries can sometimes pop up daily. She has also stayed several times after class to show additional exercises to help with painful areas or injuries. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Melissa and the benefits these classes have had on overall health. Every hypermobile person needs these classes in their lives yesterday. "

- Sarah B


"I have been taking Pilates classes with Melissa for about 7 years now and she has been fantastic! I am a runner with chronic low back and knee pain, and Melissa regularly includes exercises designed to target these areas as well as accommodations for the ones I cannot do.  As a physical therapist, Melissa is extremely knowledgeabel, but she is also low-key and doesn't mind when my toddler or cat jump in to join a session.  Also, I often can't make sessions in person, to having recordings is tremendously helpful.  I highly recommend her Pilates fusion classes!"

- Janna K


"I literally had 10+ physical therapists and you were absolutely one of the best. You are great. You were wonderful and super helpful!"

- Andrew R 



Lengthen and Strengthen


"Melissa is a physical therapist and Pilates instructor of unrivaled quality. I have known her for about 15 years, first seeing her as a patient, then taking Pilates from her, and recently turning to her for some advice on new issues. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and mind, and can present a broad array of solutions for you to experiment with. Melissa keeps up with her practice, continuously educating herself to provide the best to her patients. On top of this, she is so generous with her time and wisdom - she clearly cares deeply about her patients and is willing to go above and beyond for their wellbeing. This is her calling, and it shows. My mom and I both take her Pilates class now, and I appreciate the versatility, challenge, sense of play, and good humor that Melissa brings. She's a beautiful, wise soul that I feel lucky to know."

- Elena K


Melissa is wonderful! We first met 10 years ago when I started having problems with my low back and sciatica. Soon, my sciatica pain became history. My overall "computer" body gets a true rejuvenation during her classes. Melissa is a superior PT with years of advanced training and has excellent knowledge of human body. All exercises are well explained, and she seamlessly incorporates comments on what muscle groups to engage, how to monitor engagement, and how to adapt exercise to one's anatomy, strength or pain level. With Melissa I will do my best without hurting or overexerting myself. Years later I developed some new pain in my hip and made an appointment with Melissa. All steps of the treatment, including evaluation, prescribing the exercise routine, and making the adjustments was done in the most thoughtful and nuanced way. Melissa is a creative thinker and never fails to tailor available treatment options to one's individual circumstance. Soon I made significant progress. Melissa is lovely and has a unique way of pushing you to do your best without making you feel like you're being pushed. Classes are engaging with lots of variety, the overall flow is great. She is an excellent communicator and fun to be around, even if you are in pain!

- Zarema 



"I’m an Occupational Therapist so I know the difference between an entry level Physical Therapist and one who knows their stuff. Melissa is a highly qualified PT and an Orthopedics Specialist. I’ve used Chimera both for Pilates fitness and Physical Therapy. Melissa brings her knowledge and skills as a Physical Therapist to her fitness instruction. Recovering from a hip and ankle injury, her guidance has been invaluable and 30 minute lunch time classes are so convenient! I highly recommend Chimera!"

- Cathleen J

"Melissa helped me overcome BPPV when everyone else I had seen couldn't help. I'm now seeing her for some shoulder issues and she has been very helpful. Melissa, is not only extremely knowledgeable in this field, but is excellent at explaining how things work in a very accessible manner. She takes her time with you and is very encouraging. She has done all of this virtually which just continues to show how strong her multiple skill sets are. I highly recommend Melissa Koehl."

- Meg T


"Not only is Melissa clear and concise as she leads her beginning Pilates/Yoga fusion class, she also understands that we've all got different strengths and weaknesses. She offers adjustments to make the workout productive, not an ordeal. Melissa is a terrific teacher!" 

- Susan L 


"I started working with Melissa a few months ago after sustaining a shoulder injury. In the midst of the pandemic, I assumed I would need to tough it until it was safe to access treatment. Little did I know how effective telehealth could be! Melissa was so easy to work with- she ensured I was not only performing the right exercises for my injury, but also made sure I understood why I was doing them. I am amazed at how good my shoulder feels after a short stint of time and highly recommend her!"

- Ashten L