Chicagoland Providers - EDS aware 


Dr. Alexandru Barboi - Neurology, Psychiatry, Dysautonomia.


Dr. Octavia Kincaid – Neurologist


Dr. Hrayr Attarian - Sleep Neurologist


Integrative and PCP

Dr. David Edelberg, MD


Dr. Caley Scott, ND


Dr. Casey Kelly, MD


Dr. Mina Ryu

Evanston, Glenview


Dr. Maleeha N Hashmi Basha, MD


Pain Specialists 

Dr. Victoria Anne Brander - Physical Medicine and Rehab


Dr. Heidi Collins - Physical Medicine and Rehab


Dr. James Gruft, MD - Physical Medicine and Rehab


Dr. Richard Caner, MD - Anesthesiology and Pain Management


Dr. Azlan Tariq, DO -  Physical Medicine and Rehab

Sports Medicine, Electrodiagnostic Testing 

Prolotherapy.  Also can diagnose EDS/HSD



Dr. Matthew Jaycox - Anesthesiology and Pain Management


Dr. Shaiba Ansariali, MD.  Rheumatology

Headache Specialists

Dr. David Larsen

Immunology/Allergy - MCAS

 Dr. Vivian Chou, MD - Allergy/Immunology

Dr. Marla Barkoff, MD - Endocrinology

Dr. Mary C Tobin  - Immunology 

Dr. Yasmeen Bilimoria, MD - Allergy/Immunology

Dr. Anne Maitland, MD  - Allergy/Immunology.  In NY, may do telehealth

Leonard Weinstock, MD - GI and MCAS.  In St. Louis, may to telehealth



Dr. Joshua Straus - Psychiatry, Pain

Genetic Testing - Pediatric

Dr. Carolyn Jones MD


Dr. Philip Giampietro, MD

Genetic Testing - Adult 

Dr. Bradley Tinkle, MD 



Dr. Clair Francomano, MD



Dr. Peter Hulick


Dr. Philip Giampietro


Dr. Francisco Aguilar


Fertility and Pelvic Pain

Dr. Charles E Miller - can eval for pelvic congestion syndrome


Dr. Scott A Resnick- Interventional radiology.  Eval for pelvic congestion syndrome


Dr. Colleen M Fitzgerald  - Urogynecology


Dr. Maureen Brenna - OBGYN


Dr. Mark Demeo MD


Dr. Harold J Boutte


Leonard Weinstock, MD - GI and MCAS

St. Louis - may do telehealth


Pediatric GI 

Dr. Manu Sood, MD


Dr. Petter Osgood


Orthopedic Surgery

Dr. Patel Ashish- Spine


Dr. Kelly Oliver



Dr. Nader Dahdeleh


Dr. Martin Herman

Facial Pain Specialist

Dr. Jasjot Sahni, DDS


POTS program Johns Hopkins